I am a researcher and hobbyist photographer living in Scotland.


I work on human-computer interaction (HCI) at the intersection of perceptual psychology and computer science. In my current research, I investigate displays that can actively support and enhance your perception. I try to do this through real-time eye-tracking, which I use to adapt what the display shows in response to the user’s gaze. Through this technique, it is possible to influence what you see and where you see it in subtle ways. Since the manipulation is happening on a perceptual level and in response to the user’s gaze. This can, for example, aid depth perception and colour perception.

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I spend much of my free time hiking and photographing, the results of this you can see on this site. Since most of my photography happens while I’m exploring the outdoors, that is what you will see in most of the images here. From time to time, however, a few arranged  still lives and urban abstracts tend to sneak into my collection.

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